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This is a project I've been working on for just short of two years. It's a full overhaul of (some of) the OGC of the 13th Age SRD into something that's familiar but also very much its own thing. I'm releasing all mechanics for it under the OGL in the hopes of providing a platform for people to put out content of their own!

An Extremely Incomplete List of Features!

  • Uses 3d6 instead of 1d20 for its primary resolution. Incorporates advantage/disadvantage mechanics instead of +/- modifiers.
  • No ability scores - that is, no Strength, Intelligence, etc. You won't miss them.
  • No races/ancestries/etc. (Your Background can cover this if that's what you want to emphasize, but could also cover things like culture, upbringing, or a former career.)
  • Instead of 13th Age Backgrounds, you have Skills. You gain one from your class, one from your Background, and one from your One Unique Thing. These are freeform abilities that let you define your character's capabilities.
  • Relationship dice have been reimagined as something closer to hero/action points (you can use them to replace dice in a roll). They're still tied to Icons/Factions and can be Positive or Negative.
  • Every class has been rewritten and/or altered in some major way. There are 14 classes - this includes nearly every class from 13th Age and 13 True Ways. Also I wrote an Alchemist class, because I like Alchemists.
  • Basically all combat equipment is abstract by default - instead of Weapons you have Stances, instead of Magic Items on Slots there are Augmentations on Praxes.
  • A good chunk of the mechanics that you (might) know and love from 13th Age, with considerable tweaks and rebalancing.
  • Includes everything you need - all player and GM-facing content for every tier, Adventurer through Epic.

Available in PDF, ePub, and online!

The entire SRD can be downloaded here on itch in PDF or ePub format. On the go? Feel free to use my site as a reference!


I write frequent devlogs about the development of 36th Way. If you're interested in the process, read away!


If you're looking to find games or like-minded people, there's a discord for my games at https://discord.gg/vF3z2r3n29 . Hope to see you there!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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AuthorBinary Star Games
Tags13thage, Fantasy, Tabletop role-playing game


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