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The Zone is an area that's been sealed off by a nation or group of nations due to its danger. It's filled with Anomalies, extremely dangerous areas where physical laws like gravity, magnetism, electricity, or chemistry can break down to lethal effect, as well as mutants and things considered impossible. But it also houses Artifacts: small objects that also defy physics, highly sought after by treasure seekers and scientists alike. And at the center is something even greater.

Like many, you have entered the Zone, but not legally. You are collectively known as Trespassers. Some inside are on their own, some in groups, some part of larger factions. But most want one thing: to reach the center and claim what it conceals.

Maybe you'll be the one to get there. Your Trespass begins now. Good luck.


This is a game about approaching the center of a dangerous Zone, uncovering its secrets, and either being defeated by it along the way or, worse, reaching its heart. You can play GMless or with a GM, solo or with a group.


This work is based on Breathless, product of Fari RPGs (https://farirpgs.com/), developed and authored by René-Pier Deshaies-Gélinas, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Other varying influences:

  • Ironsworn
  • Trophy Dark
  • Age of Decadence
  • Geneforge 1
  • Gothic/Risen
CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorBinary Star Games


Get this game and 49 more starting at $40.00
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Tons of exciting game mechanics condensed into a post apocalyptic survival manual. In particular the Zone succeeds by foregrounding collective worldbuilding, mechanizing tools as well as skills, and balancing a captivating stress/desire survival mechanism with the haunting truth that the Zone consumes all. There is room to expand the game systems around anomalies, perhaps in future expansions, but the oracle system entrusts players with enough agency to flesh out their own bizarre journey.

Thank you so much! Yeah, I wanted to do more with anomalies but I was already straining against pagecount, haha. I trust people will know what to do though.