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More Realms for RUNE!

Some quality Realms made for RUNE!

  • The Cragcliff Reformatory (full Realm): You are encased in a horrible prison, having been captured by a decorated inquisitor. The facility is falling apart and sinking into the ocean. Steal his rune and escape while you can! You can check this out in Spencer's Actual Play too.
  • The Dread Manse (pamphlet Realm): You are drawn to a mansion that only appears as the sun sets. Confront its master and defeat him before True Night falls. (Standard and more printer-friendly versions included!)
  • Shrouded Hamlet (full Realm): (CW: Alcohol, fungi) A deadly fog covers a village once renowned for producing a unique liqueur. Uncover its history as you seek the rune present there.
  • Throne of Delusion (pamphlet Realm): In between realms, you find yourself in an increasingly bizarre place. Or do you?

One Compilation Project

I'm going to be raising the price a little every time I add a new full or pamphlet Realm. The earlier you get it, the cheaper it'll be!

This project uses Dicier by Speak the Sky (Licensed under CC BY 4.0: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

Designed to be used with the game RUNE by Spencer Campbell. These Realms are not otherwise affiliated with Spencer Campbell or Gila RPGs. 


Buy Now$12.50 USD or more

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Cragcliff_Reformatory_v1.0.pdf 2 MB
dread_manse_v3.zip 7 MB
Shrouded_Hamlet_v1.0.pdf 1 MB
throne_of_delusion.pdf 1 MB

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These look cool! Here's to hoping we'll get some more community copies, as I'm broke. Good job though!

I'm in the same boat! Want to get Rune and some Realms for my brother for his birthday, but it's tough out here. Looks really cool!

Added a few.

You are a legend!

Any chance at some community copoies?


thank you!

(4 edits) (+1)(-1)

(I'll come back and update this comment with my thoughts on the other realms in this collection as I play them.)

Dread Manse: I dig this concept of a meat grindery combat-centric mini realm. Personally, after I fully explored all the Points and died a few times, I found the temptation to rush straight to the boss was too strong to risk losing precious Health for the optional stuff, but lucky for me it paid off! (Edit: I missed the mechanic which allows you to heal, funnily enough.) Probably works nicely as a test chamber for builds, too.